To create means to recompose the universe. Our ability to enter to it, to make it our own, to see behind the signs and sounds, is the challenge.

To create means also the expression of a thought which cannot be considered as the thought of an authentic work if not embodied. That’s the bottom line. Regarding to the form, a closed and long term partnership with selected composers and leading to a CD recording as a step, is our usual process.

Taking shape within this perspective are two CD recordings which articulates the next concert season: the first one is dedicated to Ricardo Nillni’s music and released at the beginning of 2021. It includes new works «Surfaces malerisch» and «More geometrico» premiered in November facing to «Préludes» in memoriam Jackson Pollock et Vincent van Gogh by Philippe Schoeller under the frame of a concert titled «Le flux et le fixe, musique et peinture». eponymous title of Jean-Noël von der Weid’s book exploring links between music and painting.

The second one titled «Columbia on the move» project focuses on stage and in a CD recording planned in March 21 four American composers: Alex Mincek, Eric Wubbels, Mario Diaz de Leon et Askhan Bezhadi. They are gathered under a dual common denominator: all of them are performers and composers and graduated from NY Columbia University. Their stylistic eclecticism illustrates the liveliness of the new-york musical scene.

Music is art of sensitive. Feelings don’t care about established order. On contrary they move as tiny particles.

Therefore as we have to face these days to an unpredictable future in the sense that is questioned the double paradigm according to which the artist is as mobile as the work he creates and the fact we are the sum of our exchanges and movements, let us refer to John Cage’s humour («facing to no future, all is possible now…») to enhance mental strength and hope at the service of the musical creation which holds the power of enlightening and erasing boarders whatever the circumstances or restraints.

Jean-Luc Menet


Photography : Eric Wubbels, Alex Mincek & Mario Diaz de Leon

©Philippe Gontier