Speakin of beauty...!

The aesthetic emotion can be defined as a way of thinking with the body. It is to live, to experiment in the heart of the sensitive, a content of sense.

Beauty teaches us to love without possessing as it teaches us to love without understanding. It washes us of our reflexes of owner, saves us of our intellectual reflexes of our narrow rationalism and our obsession of the control.

At a time in our history when dark and aggressive forces are threatening like never before, we need Beauty more than ever.

It cannot be seen. It is lived. This is its strength: it reminds us that we can live in the world and gives us the strength to face the idea of finitude. Death does not erase what has been.

To be sensitive to Beauty, it is also to adhere to this idea that any culture aspires to tear itself away from this Nature which however fascinates it. «It is not a question», as Aristotle thought, «of reproducing it but of imitating the way in which it is creative».

To be sensitive to the Beauty, it is also to live a content of sense in the heart of the sensitive by means of an intelligent body following what Nietzsche advanced: «The great reason, it is the body».

Finally we need Beauty to stop thinking and to dare to think differently: against our habits, to think in a sensitive way of great abstract ideas.

This is exactly what today's music invites us to do, the music imagined, conceived, thought out and written by our contemporaries: Mario Diaz de Leon, Marco Stroppa, François Bernard Mâche, Augustin Braud, Alain Bancquart, Alex Mincek, Jacques Lenot, Ricardo Nillni, Ashkan Behzadi, Philippe Hersant, Maël Bailly...and which we propose to share with you throughout the 2022/23 season, the aesthetic emotion that they have given us in an unequalled creative abundance.

Jean-Luc Menet


Photography : Jacques Lenot, Philippe Hersant, Marco Stroppa

©Philippe Gontier