Contemporaneity takes its roots in a present seen at first as archaïc in the meaning of “arkè”, origin), and the one who is able to see in the most modern and recent things the signs or signature of the archaïsm can be contemporary. This round trip, this secret meeting between archaïsm and modernism of which speaks Giorgio Agamben is the main mark of our 2016-2017 concert season.

To elaborate his « on the ring » dance performance premiered in Yaoundé (Cameroon) then in Grenoble, Zobel Tejeutsa, alias “Snake”, a cameroonian dancer and choreographer is inspired by « Rokh », a music by Raphaël Cendo inspired by the immortal and fabulous bird likened to the Greek Phoenix and guard of the Tree of the Knowledge in the Garden of Hesperides, and in « Psappha » of which the rhythmic paterns are diverted from the characteristic rhythmic structures of the ancient poetry Sappho.

One of the most brilliant examples of the Renaissance style, the Castle of Chambord emphasizes notions of symmetry, proportion, regularity and balance of the motives inherited from the Antiquity. This is the right place for welcoming to the premiere of the “Polyphonies of forms’s project” in connection with the exhibition "Georges Pompidou et l'art, une aventure du regard" hosted in the Castle on occasion of the Pompidou Center 40th birthday.

With Iannis Xenakis, Philippe Schoeller, Robert HP Platz seizes the cosmology of his time and finds in the construction of a successive layers polyphonic work inspired by Palestrina, a natural interraction with the architecture.

The “Polyphonies of forms’s project” joins in the continuous rich history of the secular links between music and structures, an “arkè”, which finds its roots in the most distant history of the Western music. From the Gregorian Chant to the Carolingian architecture, from the Ars Antiqua to the Radiant Gothic, from Palestrina to the High Gothic, from Boulez to Renzo Piano.

Seen an introducion to the concert, a conversation between the architect Peter Zumthor (2009 Pritzker) and the composer Rebecca Saunders aims to participate to the questionning of some our today architects and composers about what Renzo Piano defines as "the closeness of our arts, this desire of common order between the art of sounds and the architecture, a curious mixture between pragmatism and poetry. "

One again about the question of the origin, “Anthèmes”, which will be part of the tribute concerts to Pierre Boulez in Paris and Buenos-Aires is inspired by the ancient form of the anthems of which the composer said he remained that during the Holy Week, we sang the Lamentations of Jeremy of a clearly strophic articulation the system of which I had borrowed.

The project “in and out” focuses on the swiss contemporary music. By their formal aspect and specific titles and turning back to some improper backward temptations, as the past recent works by Heinz Holliger, - a tribute to the wellknown recently passed musician and flutist Aurèle Nicolet-, well as “le cinque stanze“ de Nadir Vassena inspired by the ” Leçons de Ténèbres » by François Couperin, illustrates this matter of the origin and contributes to define and assert what is the contemporaneity.

“To live in right time is firstly a matter of courage and means to be at the right time to a meeting which has to be missed“ says Agamben.

From an horizon where the light seems dangerously to fall, you are numerously welcomed to join us to this punctuality which requests for us perharps more strongly than ever.


Jean-Luc Menet