In front of us...!

In a context where the most pessimistic prophecies of Tocqueville (the "mediocrity of the democratic individual") and the nihilism of Nietzsche ("self-hatred"), where the collective and individual imagination is drastically limited to that of the unlimited expansion of production and consumption to the extreme point of jeopardizing the very chances of survival of our Humanity, the evolution of the culture which is not without relationship with the inertia and passivity which characterizes our time, tends always more towards the entertainment and the immediate satisfaction of a conformist pleasure.

One could be tempted to think that the forces of musical creation could be affected by this. Fortunately, this is not the case. However the evolution of the XVIII° century to the middle of the XX° century which saw the emergence of an autonomous and reflecting subject open to the creation, therefore to the chaos and the abyss, to which it gives form, abolishing the stupid insurance of our daily life seems seriously slowed down.

Its rebirth will probably be leaning on a vast social-historical movement able to reinvent this autonomy at worst lost, at best left fallow. It depends on those who have a direct and active relationship with culture and on their capacity to act freely and responsibly, whether this lethargy is only a parenthesis. For us interpreters and creators, it simply does not exist.

The present is resolutely creative and open to the future: This is what the creations of Brice Pauset, Maël Bailly and Augustin Braud testify to during the 21/22 season. We invite you to discover them with enthusiasm through our concerts and radio and recordings with the release of two new CDs, one in October 21 entitled "Surface" and devoted to the works of Ricardo Nillni and the other one in Avril 22 entitled "Columbia on the move" with works by Alex Mincek, Mario Diaz de Leon, Eric Wubbels and Askhan Behzadi.

Jean-Luc Menet


Photography : Eric Wubbels, Alex Mincek & Mario Diaz de Leon

©Philippe Gontier